Monday, August 17, 2009


It's been a while since I've posted last. Mainly because I've been having to pull myself out of this deep funk that I've been in lately. Between wanting so desperately to find a house that we can afford and trying to find a job, it's just been a little depressing. I'm ok.. mentally exhausted.. but ok. I am, however, working on a few projects by myself. Just some ideas for some rooms. Because we are saving for a house money is limited; therefore, I haven't been the most social person. AutoCAD has been my best friend lately. I love that I can throw on some trance music and just draw til my hearts content. The most recent CAD project for me has been designing a budget realistic office for myself and the many design essentials that seem to follow me around. Here are some of the preliminary drawings of it:

A: tabletop to put my drafting table on
B: Flat Files
C: Computer Desk
D: Countertop w/open slots underneath for boards
E & F: Upper & lower cabinet storage
G: Cubbie hole storage

This is the elevation from the center with the center island included. The corner upper cabinets will be open shelving. I also plan to have a cork and maybe magnetic backsplash between the uppers and lowers.

This is the elevation of the flatfiles and some pens/pencils/markers holders I came up with. It will be a solid piece of wood that angles slightly off the wall and has holes cut into them. In the holes, there will be plastic buckets to catch the markers, etc.

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