Monday, July 12, 2010


-No Tim at work today. I hate when I have to go to work with out him. The day drags on longer and I feel just half there. I miss my best friend. At least when I got home I got a great greeting along with a great dinner.
-No day after my B-day off. I was going to have this day off to go with my mom and sister to Mena. We were going to dig up some info on our family history and take pictures of gravestones and scan in any documents and pictures we can find. This will not happen (for me anyway). Two people decided to take the same week off for vacation. So now not only do I not get this day off, we all have to work open to close the whole week. (sadness)

Here's to hoping that this week starts to look up,


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ok, before this picture....
-Had a great morning at church. We got up early enough to make some coffee with our keurig and headed off to listen to Pastor Marcus Brown. He spoke on how God is always there for us, noticing and encouraging us. He related it to a story of a Miss America winner from Oklahoma who grew up poor. She said that after school she would sit and wait for the bus, and the local milk man would come by, put his hand on her head and say "how's my lil' Miss America today?" This continued until she was in jr. high and started to compete in pagents, and into high school when she started winning them. Just by that encouragement everyday she followed through with a dream. God encourages us in the same way.
-After the weekly grocery shopping at both Wal-Mart & Kroger (Kroger's prices are too high, and Wal-Mart has horrible produce!) we went to moms. We gave her the cricut cartridge I had gotten for her earlier in the week and received coupons and a copy of the Maumelle Monitor in return.
-We decided to head out to the Benton Flea Market and just go wherever else we felt (which ended up being kohl's, hibbit sports, and old navy where we picked up some $2.50 flag tees). Then off to Lowes to get a refill of the Method shower spray and another thing of soap for our other bathroom. (For those who don't know... Method is a brand of completely natural ingredients. We love their soaps and plan on getting more as our other chemically enhanced products become empty.)
-Then it was Fresh Market! We love going in here even though we can't afford to buy much. I'm starting the ground work to introduce organic into our diets. So far we've decided that onions and potatoes aren't bad on the wallet. Eggs and milk at nearly $4 each is still a little ridiculous (I did try to convince Tim that we need our own chicken to have organic eggs someday but lost that battle).
-Now back to the picture. This is us attempting to run from the car to our front door. We were both ankle-deep in water it rained so hard. Needless to say, it stopped raining a few minutes after we dried off! (Figures!) We spent the rest of the night eating dinner and watching a HORRIBLE movie (Bruno)! Never again!!!!! It was just all sorts of awkwardness and crazy!
-Til Later,


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rainy Summer Day

We love our new Keurig! The coffee is smother & it makes the perfect amount with out any waste, in less time. (Great for quick & on the go!) The bad part was having to go to work this morning. The day was long, our power flickered with the rain, and our boss was there for a while. I had one customer, however, that touched me. She was an older woman who came in by herself looking for some dinning chairs to go with her antique table. After showing her a few she landing on looking a sofas too. Her husband had passed away this past April and she had moved into an apartment. She was also mostly legs like me so we bonded on the fact that I could just take her to all the sofas that I liked because they fit longer-legged people. She got to meet Tim and we talked for about an hour and a half before she decided on some furniture, hugged and thanked me, and said she'd be back on Monday to purchase. She also gave me the advice to hug Tim every chance I had (she thought he was the cutest thing!). So even though sales were a bust for me, it was nice to know that I was appreciated for just being me for a change. Now that we're home (YAY!!!), Tim & I plan on spending the rest of our evening eating dinner and watching a yet-to-be determined movie.
Goodnight All!