Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Our Hand at a Semi-Organic Meal

This past Sunday we went shopping in the organic isle at Kroger. We found some sparkling water that was on sale for $1 each. Tim chose mixed berry which was pretty good, and I chose lemon-lime which was AWESOME! It really tastes like a sprite without all the sugar in it. It's completely sodium, sugar, carb, you name it-free. So I don't feel bad for enjoying it! Now, we're not ready for the grand leap into strictly organic, so after a lot of reading I found that frozen organic food is pretty much the first step in getting used to the higher prices of eating organic. This Ravioli was really really good! And easy to make! But then I ruined it by adding un-organic homemade alfredo sauce. We also got me an orgainc roma tomato to go with my un-organic salad to go with our un-organic french bread. We had a nice romantic dinner with our un-organic wine that we picked up at our favorite winery (Stone Hill).
For dessert, we bought some organic ice cream (I'm giving my kitchenaid mixer a little break from me). I got plain-ol chocolate while Tim found, get this, carrot cake! It had the most amazing combination of spices with real pieces of carrot cake in it as well! Now the chocolate was great too, especially since it was completely dairy-free!
Til Later,


Monday, August 23, 2010


Learning that you have to spend more money than you wanted is never a good surprise. My sister and brother-in-law borrowed my SUV this weekend to help my nephew move in to college. When they brought it back my brother-in-law informs me that I really need to get new tires. Now... this wasn't a complete newsflash to me since I've had this SUV for 4 years now and it has the original tires on it, but I didn't realize how soon I really needed them. So before we go on our little trip to New Orleans next month we will be getting new tires (front ones at least) and getting an alignment performed. Where does the money end???
Anyway, my nephew starts his freshmen year this year (*sniff sniff*). He got a full ride at Williams Baptist and will also be playing soccer for them (so proud)! I leave you with this: a spot on the news where he appears (he's the blonde with a ton of hair)
Til later,