Wednesday, May 13, 2009

... let's make a deal...

  • ok.. so today was nuts. I drove around EVERYWHERE trying to find some tile that I couldn't get sent to me in time for the wine & design contest. only to find them at my front door when i got home. good grief.
  • now.. to see if i can get into the CAD lab at UCA even though, i'm no longer in school. it's past time for me to buy a new computer. i have 6 cds full of CAD and REVIT... just waiting to be loaded on a computer that can actually handle it.
  • in all my other running around... i couldn't find anyone who carried 24 x 36 black foamcore (you would so think that this would be a pretty standard size.)... but the very nice man @ art outfitters helped me out by finding a piece he could cut down. he even gave me a great price on it.
  • i'm counting down til idol tonight.. i can't wait!!! Kris did amazing last night.. and i love adam.. but i'm really tired of seeing his tongue!!!
  • now it's time to make dinner, wash clothes, work on the contest & get ready for tmr.. i need a nap!!!!

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