Thursday, September 23, 2010


So I've been trying to use some of my tons of fabric that I have just lying around the house. My office is stacked with containers filled with discontinued fabric samples that I've adopted from around town and from left over projects. And since we are trying to condense the office boxes, I've decided to make coasters out of these fabrics and sell them on etsy. The goal is to make up sets of four coasters to sell at $9.99 a set. Once there are ten sets made they will be posted on etsy. And I will try to constantly keep at least ten in stock at one time. I know this might seem to be a slightly higher price to pay for a set of coasters, but these aren't just thrown together light-weight fabric samples. These coasters consists of a top layer, a contrasting bottom layer, both made from upholstery grade fabric so they will be thicker than your typical cotton coasters. Plus as an added bonus, there is a layer of fleece between them to be absorbent when a glass should drip with condensation. Oh! Did I mention that I'm also paying the shipping costs as well? I've added some pictures of a set of coasters I made for my sister's birthday to give you a small idea of what they will look like. Plus, I've just inherited even more fabric from work due to mills discontinuing even more styles! Let me know what you think, and keep an eye out for them on etsy soon!


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