Tuesday, September 28, 2010


So a couple years ago I really got into watching Gilmore Girls (which is sadly now off the air). Soon my mother got into it and we ended up getting the box set of all seasons on dvd. On the show, mother and daughter are financially obligated to spend Friday nights with the mother's parents (otherwise known as Friday Night Dinners). This is the grandmother's way of tricking them into spending time together. Even though on the show, the night is considered to be a dreaded event, my mom and I thought it would be good for our family to get together and replicate this event. So for the past two Friday's we have gotten together, and had dinner at each other's houses. The plan is to rotate between our three homes, and whomever's turn it is to have it at their house, cooks the main meal. The other two will cook either the side dish(es) or desert(s). This also takes the financial burden off of one person to prepare the whole thing by themselves. It's going well so far. Last Friday it was at my sister's house. My mom bought hamburgers to grill, my sister made four delicious dips, and I made mini cheesecakes for desert. This week it's at my house, but we are changing the day to Saturday so my nephew can participate. Tim and I are cooking up chicken and veggies and letting everyone make their own quesadillias so Tim can throw them on the grill. My sister is making Alabama Dip, which is a yummy combination of cheese and ground beef. My mother, however, is leaving us all in the dark on what dessert she's making. This isn't surprising though. She likes to be the one to surprise us on what she's bringing. I hope this will become a tradition with us and bring us closer together as a family.


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