Monday, September 20, 2010

Smorgasbord Night

In our house we always seem to end up with odds and ends of leftovers, soon to expire, and just tasty food. To remedy this, we've come up with what we call "smorgasbord night." Without any planning ahead, making unnecessary trips to the grocery store, we open up the pantry and the refrigerator and start piecing together meals. We usually end up with a cheese platter of some sort, dips and chips, and leftover bratwursts and chicken sandwiches. This night became a favorite night in our house when we were first married and money was EXTREMELY tight. These were some of the tastiest concoctions to ever be created in our kitchen.
This is a great idea to help turn over food that needs to be eaten, and forces us not to get anything from the grocery store other than bare essentials like milk, eggs, bread, and cheese. We're even planning on in the future having a smorgasbord week once a month to help clear out the pantry and cut back on our weekly grocery bill.
As of now, we normally spend about $50/week in groceries. Imagine saving that money once a month and putting it towards something else (for those of us doing the math, that's $600 in savings). More than likely, our extra money will be going towards Christmas gifts for family and friends. Most of these gifts I make so $600 goes a long way for us. Try it out, it really works and helps you keep stock of what you actually have.
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