Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cotton Bowl Prep!

It's a big day in Arkansas tomorrow for football. At 7pm we will all have our eyes glued to the tv watching the Cotton Bowl! Kansas State has been talking so much crap about our team... It just shows how uneducated they are about our state. It's absolutely pathetic! They crossed the sportsmanship line of talking smack about the other team to being down right hateful and demeaning to Arkansans as a whole!

But I'll step down from my soapbox now...

Today has mostly been about coming up with a menu for tomorrow night's family dinner. The first dinner this year for our family is going to be all about football. Noting too crazy, but a lot of game day food.
Here's the final menu:

•Chili cheese dip & chips
•Crescent pinwheels filled with ranch, bacon, cheese, and chives
•Potato skins that have been quartered and topped with cheese, bacon, cheese, and chives (can't wait for these!)
•Mini pizzas- made with flakey biscuits (a real easy alternative for a quick dinner)
•BBQ lil smokies and/or pigs in a blanket

and for desert:

•Hot chocolate on a stick! -These are so easy to make and so yummy on those slightly chilly nights!

I'll be doing a lot of the prep and cooking tomorrow afternoon. I cheated a little by going ahead and making the chocolate to go on the sticks and making my homemade BBQ and getting it bottled up and put in the fridge. If I were a thinking woman I would have grabbed the chives and bacon from my moms to get those done too!
But there's always tomorrow!

I'll post some pics of it all tomorrow so come back and check it out!

Til later,


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