Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Love for... LISTS!!!

If you were to go through my house, you would find little pieces of paper with lists everywhere! All kinds (I don't discriminate!), for different things: vacations I'd like to take, recipes I'd like to try and the big one... to do's! To do's are the most common because, well, there's just always something that needs doing. So I categorize them: to do today, to do this week, this year... you get the picture. The sky's the limit on lists!

I strongly believe this obsession came from when I was little. My father was always making lists (hmmm... I wonder if it's hereditary?). Anything that was to be accomplished he made a list! Whenever we were going to build something (and by we I mean that dad was going to be doing 85% of the work), he'd pull out a small spiral notebook he kept in his shirt pocket and start drawing. The notebook always reminded me of a detectives' notebook (ya know the kind they'd pull out during an investigation to jot down all the facts.). He'd label items in the drawing and start making an inventory list of things we needed. Oh, how I love and miss those lists!

Being stuck in bed (day 4 for those of you keeping count) has given me a lot of time to catch up on my list making. This week has been all about getting organized, and since one of my resolutions is to massively purge and streamline this house, I, of course, start with a list! The first goal is to reorganize all of my papers (and believe me when i say there are A LOT!). It's a very overwhelming task but with my handy dandy list I'm just going to take it check by check!

DAY 1:
•empty out files
•go through, discard old & make following piles:
-bank statements
-credit card bills (discard once paid)
-student loans
-car loans
-employer benefit plan
-household manuals/warranties (w/receipts)
-insurance policies (current only)
-pay stubs (current year only & discard after taxes)
-tax returns (for past 7 years only)

Let's see if I can get through this first step, then we'll move on to the next!

Til later,

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