Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Love For...

Glass bottle lighting!

With so many options out there for lighting, it's hard for someone to choose just one. But I did anyway!

The simplicity of mason jars, turned into everything from pendants to full on chandeliers, are just beautiful. They make such a huge statement used in the right setting. I'd like to picture our future home with three clear glass mason jar pendants over an island. And over the breakfast table.. what else but a beautiful mason jar chandelier. In a perfect world they would be sitting in an old metal jar holder, given an oil-rubbed bronze finish of course!

Old glass decanters would be beautiful over a wet bar. The more decorative the better! All the little cuts and curves will refract and reflect the light in all directions, even casting shadow and patterns on the walls. These must be placed pretty close together and at different heights to achieve the look I have envisioned my head.

Pretty soon I'd like to start experimenting with cutting glass bottles. There are several tutorials out there about dipping string or yarn in nail polish remover, tying it around the bottle, lighting it on fire, then dunking it in cold water. All this separates the bottle into two pieces at wherever you tied the yarn.

All this in the years to come though... I'd have to have a house first to go so elaborate in my plans. It's hard thing to have a degree in interior design... And not be able to use it on your own home because your not at the point of buying a house yet! -sigh-

I've attached a few inspirational photos so you can get a little taste if what goes through my head.

Til later,


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