Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year, New Dreams (sorta)

Married life is amazing! For those who don't have it, I highly recommend it! Tim and I just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. He came home with white carnations (my favorite!) and we made a romantic dinner of homemade chicken fettuccini alfredo complete with homemade pasta. I've never been more in love and I seem to find something new about him everyday.

But enough about our gushy life....

All signs of Christmas are gone (minus all the candy and treats). Sad times, I don't know why I always get emotional about taking the tree down. Part of it could be the fact that our place always looks naked without it all!

So now it's time for the tradition of setting somewhat attainable goals (or resolutions). I've never been one for this tradition, but thought I'd give it a shot this year.

The main goals for this year are as follows:

- get back in shape
- buy a house
- streamline our things to weed out all the "just stuff" and make moving and organizing easier

Note: (there are a few more personal goals that I don't feel like putting out there, but as long as I know what they are... That's all that matters)

Hopefully this will be the year for all this!

Til later,


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