Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I know I say it every year... But THIS year I plan on starting my holiday crafts early this year! But the real goal is to do it on a budget this year. I'll start by taking this month to figure out everything I want to make for Christmas (the biggest holiday of them all), all the cards, decorations, gifts, and goodies.

Also on the list this year is my husbands 30th birthday! He's not looking forward to this so I have to make it big, memorable and fun. I want it to be very personal so he knows he's loved. I have til April.... No pressure!

Here's a few (VERY few) of the crafts I'd like to take on this year:

1. Jewelry organizer. - I actually have three printers drawers hanging in my house. Two of which are designated fir this project.

2. Afghan. I've been crocheting for years... But I have yet to actually make an afghan. I love how thick this yarn is and think it'll go much faster.

3. Small hanging laundry bag. This has a specific need. I want this in my current laundry room for kitchen towels. As of now they end up wadded in the floor. That mixed with the fact that they're wet and gross... Yeah... I wanna make this!

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