Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Poll Time!

So I'm on day 3 of being in bed. Hopefully tomorrow my back will feel good enough for me to venture out and work on my Etsy. I have some Valentines Day themed towels and such that I'd like to get on there soon. Ya know... before Valentines Day!

And what's up with this weather? Other parts of the world seem to be having normal January weather. The great state of Arkansas, on the other hand, cant make up it's mind! Seriously! The weather is 30-40 degrees one day then 60-70+ the next! Crazy right?

Anyway... (for those of you who ARE having normal January weather) if you were to go to my Etsy (www.melissagchristy.etsy.com), you will find some of the scarves I've made. And heck! If you happen to see one you like... Buy it! Or if you like a style and want a different color, I can do that too! Just let me know! I'm very open to custom making something you'd really love! Oh! And keeping you warm would be good too!

All this brings me to my other point (poll time!): what would you like to see on my Etsy? I'm completely open to suggestions so leave me a note with your idea! Also! What colors would you like to see for spring?

Thanks in advance!

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