Thursday, January 19, 2012

Playing with Cans...

Ok, who out there knows anything about canning??? Anyone? This girl has been wanting to try her hand at it for a while. Now I'm not wanting to go all end of the world crazy by hoarding a ton of jars of preserved in my basement! Instead I'd see if I could be successful at canning some jams/preserves, soups, sauces etc.

But there's something somewhere between the boiling of the water and making sure the seals work that make me nervous about the whole experience. And yes, I know there are quite a few books out there that would be helpful. One day, I might even get around to them, along with getting the special cages and, of course, the jars!

Right now though, I'm just throwing it out there that I wanna learn! So anyone out there with any advice or tips/tricks they'd be willing to share... Speak up!!!

Til later,


P.S.- sorry for the short post. We're on day 5 of being in bed. Any of my physical therapy friends have thoughts on how to get me better please let me know!

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