Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Love for... MONEY!!!

I love money! And no... not in the greedy, love the way it smells kind of way. More the balancing and budgeting kind of way.

Some people would call me obsessed or anal. Either way, my wonderful husband has learned to live with all the papers, envelopes and post-it's containing all my different approaches to our finances (no piece of paper or junk mail is safe!) When I get bored... I look at our bank and lay out what we owe week to week and budget. Oh! And once is never enough. I'll do this several times (for the same week mind you!) until I get it right.

While I haven't read all the hundreds of thousands of books on money, I have read quite a few. Let me tell you that somewhere after the fourth book or so I wanted to beat my head against a financial wall! They became so redundant between telling you to pay off your debts and only using cash... blah blah blah. I got it!

I am well aware that I am a complete nerd for having this as one of my hobbies. I will also tell you that I wasn't always like this. It came from the first couple of years in my marriage. Between being a broke college student through my husband loosing his job. There came a point where things had to change or we were going to fail miserably. After a while we figured out that not only did I like handling our money, but that I was also really good at it. I'm always willing to offer advice to anyone who has questions about how to go about getting ahold of their finances. Remember that I am not a professional, and that my methods work for me. Also remember that it's not an easy road, and you have to really want to do it.

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